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About me... well, I am male, my home is the gold coast, I grew up in Port Macquarie. I believe in a healthy, positive way of life and thinking, where everyone and everything deserves respect and not to be judged from word go from bias opinion. I believe in not killing another earthling just to satisfy a taste or to look cool with the latest fashion. I don't alter my reality or try to escape or even feel the need to consume any kind of drugs (alcohol and cigarettes are drugs too). I enjoy the ocean in so many ways and have the up most respect for its strength and beauty. Body boarding, muay thai, photography, most mediums of art, a good story, music in any shape or form, travelling, my close friends and the people I consider family, meeting new interesting people, strangeness, smells of real things that bring back good memories (the smell of fresh bread from a good bakery early in the morning) these are what I wake up and live for each day
This is a blog about my everyday life and the things I see and come across in my travels that I find interesting, funny, just captivating in some way. I hope that who ever comes across this can get or gain something from it.

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3 street lads trying to roll me in LA at 3 in the morning. Just say nothing, pick up your skateboard and look at them like you really want to kill them and then they’ll say they’re joking. #robbery #LA #3at3 #streetfight #knifeyacunt

Valley eyewear. @valleyeyewear @emg_models @independentmen_agency @jasonsoul1 @scenemodelmanagement #modelling


tattoo Studio Ghibli 


I have no idea what it is but I like it.
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Lance Raftery

Thanks Julian! 

Home made diy camera rig. #camera #rig #diy #fun

Fuck you cunt. #car #problems on the upside I didn’t get a ticket.

Do you need something to do tonight on the Gold Coast? Come to @crownandglory for a rad party and see some arty stuff/live music. It’s cheap and you get drinks. #party #goldcoast #art #music

Fun days, t-bog on the hip at pizzy. Thanks @tmsaplb for the photo. #bmx #bike #air

M8. Working it all day ery day! #work #daily #burnt #boy

How’s this little specimen. #hot #gf #girl #swimsuit #photoshoot #modelling @milkichops

These cool cats!!! @jeremysantucci and @hollymiller hope you 2 are staying warm. Ill being seeing you one of these days #nyc #friends #personal

A little taste of what is due to come on Monday. @mensstylemag editorial styled by the wonderful @kimjpayne, shot by @stevenchee, hair and make up by @michael_brennan. Special thanks to the talented Meg @crownandglory for getting my hair cut and on point. Highly recommended! Thank you everyone.

Pat getting his shooting on with Shane. #model #modelling #photography #emg #fashion @emg_models

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