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About me... well, I am male, my home is the gold coast, I grew up in Port Macquarie. I believe in a healthy, positive way of life and thinking, where everyone and everything deserves respect and not to be judged from word go from bias opinion. I believe in not killing another earthling just to satisfy a taste or to look cool with the latest fashion. I don't alter my reality or try to escape or even feel the need to consume any kind of drugs (alcohol and cigarettes are drugs too). I enjoy the ocean in so many ways and have the up most respect for its strength and beauty. Body boarding, muay thai, photography, most mediums of art, a good story, music in any shape or form, travelling, my close friends and the people I consider family, meeting new interesting people, strangeness, smells of real things that bring back good memories (the smell of fresh bread from a good bakery early in the morning) these are what I wake up and live for each day
This is a blog about my everyday life and the things I see and come across in my travels that I find interesting, funny, just captivating in some way. I hope that who ever comes across this can get or gain something from it.

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Saying goodbye to the luscious locks tonight. Photo by talented mr @esmeckphotographer #milan #fashion #style #photography #model #modelling #boy #daily @independentmen_agency @jasonsoul1

Saying goodbye to the luscious locks tonight. Photo by talented mr @esmeckphotographer #milan #fashion #style #photography #model #modelling #boy #daily @independentmen_agency @jasonsoul1

Ah to be 18 again. Little fucking rat bags we were. @samuelcampbellwilson @jayturner2 #18 #throwback #tb #daily #teen #hardcore #mandy ;)

Working up in this hood today and tomorrow. #dsquared2 #dsquared #fashion #milan #blackandwhite #bw #work #travel #modelling @independentmen_agency #daily

Out on lake como-ver. Beautiful city set amongst the mountains and the long stretching lake.
#italy #travel #como #lakecomo #water #sailing

Banana and chocolate made into bread…? Yum. So hungry. Mmmm food. I wish money would go onto my travel card faster so I could buy groceries. #food #vegan #poor #modellife #broke #IEatPiecesOfShitLikeYouForBreakfast

A big street party and, that guy đź‘€


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These are some great films either about veganism or just the food we eat in general.

Super dooper amazing


'Kohaku' - Spirited Away

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4 gifs of // Jiraiya // requested by Hanna

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Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.

Charlie Chaplin in a letter to his daughter, Geraldine (via thoughtsfromnora)

I like it

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Today is an amazing day! Animal testing for cosmetics in china is no longer required by law! It’s all thanks to the hard work of Activists from organizations like Be Cruelty Free China and The Humane Society International (as well as many other animal activists!)

As many of you may know (or may not know) China was the only country in the world where animal testing was required by law for cosmetic sales. What this means is companies such as L’Oreal, who stopped animal testing themselves in March 2013, and have been working with scientists in china to support alternative methods of testing. (source) may be coming to cruelty free lists near you soon. This also means that cosmetics companies that recently sold to parent companies that only test “where required by law” may be okay to buy again (hello Urban Decay and Tarte ;D)
I say “may” because companies often find loopholes and wording that makes them seem more ethical than they actually are, I will have more information on this in the future.

While this change does not mean that animal testing for cosmetics is completely banned in China, it is a huge step forward and an event to definitely celebrate!

Pictured above are animal activists from Be Cruelty Free China celebrating this announcement! =D

WoW! so stoked! That is a great step

God I can’t believe this is still an argumentative question.

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